About Us

Here at Agave Body Wellness we have been in the wellness business for over 25 years.  We will focus on helping our clients in completing their transformation into their personal health best. Our approach involves working with clients' skin, nutrition, relaxation, meditation, and beautification.  We strive for that individual attention to detail, because we realize that we are all just that..."Individual".  Over the years many people have searched for honest information on "Body Wellness" and how to lose weight naturally, without diet pills or strict diets that feel more like a yo-yo, low carb foods, low caloric intake, or low fat foods, which one of these are truly effective.  We want you to maintaining your weight and a healthier lifestyle long term, a healthier you - can be achieved.  Taking out time for yourself is key in life! We will work with you on setting up short and long term goals, meal planning, detoxing and several types of exercises and group events that will be set up monthly and in phases.  At Agave Body Wellness we offer a multitude of services for total body beautification, wellness, & natural beauty that will leave you feeling beautiful both inside & out.  Set up your appointment online or call today to put you & your body in the best shape it can be in. 

What We Do...

Is offer a way to healthier lifestyle by setting up goals that are not only attainable but achievable.

·     Our beautiful you: gives the client options for Extreme* Eye Lash Extensions, Massage, Facials for all skin types, Permanent Make-Up Tattoos/Including Scar revision, Personal Training sessions and Airbrush Make Up. We use "PCA" & "June Jacobs" lines for their natural ingredients. 

·     We will help with meal planning, pairing up which foods to eat together, and how to prepare them.  We also give you the list of ingredients.

·     Help in getting the right exercise for your body type and age.

·     Meditation - is key because we all live a busy life and do not know how to slow down and take time out for ourselves with a massage by Serene Step Massage. 

·      Detox and tighten your skin by using "Fir" Body Wraps & "HyperVibe" equipment for are treatments that help in slimming our bodies down and burning high levels of calories with minimal joint pain.